Site Selection

Societies and organizations located in the Pacific Rim are welcome to submit proposals for hosting, managing, and sponsoring a future CLEO/Pacific Rim Conference.
The purpose of this international conference is to provide a forum for an update and review of a wide range of laser and electro-optics disciplines from device development to systems engineering and applications.  The meeting also serves to stimulate the use of more mature optical technologies in other fields.

The call for 2024 proposals is now open!

Please note that the process for 2024 has changed.

How to submit a Host Proposal:

1.      Complete and submit the online proposal form by 21 August

a.       Note – if you are unable to access the online form, you can complete and submit this PDF form

2.      Submit a draft budget (with income and expenses) to by 21 August

3.      An additional documents with information about the host organization, conference location, etc. of up to 3 pages can also be submitted to 

Timeline for 2024 Host Proposals

January 2020 – Call for proposals opens
21 August 2020 – Deadline for proposals to host the 2024 Conference
Sept/Oct 2020 – Selection of 2024 Conference host during a virtual meeting of the Steering Committee.  A representative from each Society/Organization that submits a proposal will be invited to make a short presentation to the Steering Committee.

Timeline for 2026 Host Proposals

August 2021 – Call for proposals opens
January 2022 – Deadline for proposals to host the 2026 Conference
March 2022 – Selection of 2026 Conference host


Key Dates

Call for 2024 Proposals: Now open

Deadline for 2024 Proposals: 21 August 2020